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Technical Report - Usage Statistics

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Technical Report - Usage Statistics

This page shows usage statistics for items in the collection: Technical Report

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File downloads Item page views
Current month 3 3
Previous month 183 180
All dates 15,312 15,198
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Top authors (15 authors total)

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Currently showing: File downloads; All dates

File downloads
Quinn, K J Spike 5,764
McBride, David 4,761
Baber, Bill 3,953
Gilbert, John 3,953
Larkin, Peter 3,953
Macky, Margaret 3,953
Skaler, Tanya 3,953
Zhang, Zhi-Ling 3,953
Fam, Kim-Shyan 2,335
Evans, Sian 2,286

Top visitors' geographic locations

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Top country views

File downloads
New Zealand 4,553
United States 1,863
United Kingdom 1,099
Australia 675
China 644
Malaysia 552
India 551
France 337
Indonesia 225
Canada 216

Top cities views

File downloads
Auckland 825
Wellington 405
Dunedin 380
Flagstaff 258
Christchurch 163
Beijing 156
Kuala Lumpur 134
London 130
Bangkok 119
Singapore 109