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Library - Usage Statistics

This page shows usage statistics for items in the collection: Library

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File downloads Item page views
Current month 265 926
Previous month 182 129
All dates 4,464 5,827
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Top items (13 items total)

Top authors (15 authors total)

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Currently showing: File downloads; All dates

File downloads
Kerr, Donald 1,968
Elliot, Gillian 1,570
Smith, Romilly 506
Fisher, Judy 222
Gallagher, Sarah K.J. 193
Adams, Andrew 142
Howard, Anna 142
Reynolds, Ryan 142
Robertson, Donna 142
Winn, Coralie 142

Top visitors' geographic locations

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Top country views

File downloads
United States 912
New Zealand 702
France 343
China 233
Germany 194
United Kingdom 193
India 167
Australia 123
Romania 85
Denmark 80

Top cities views

File downloads
Dunedin 347
Auckland 140
Beijing 140
Dallas 123
Pittsford 122
Madras 95
Egå 77
Seoul 73
Kiez 70
Wellington 70